Suggestion for WAA! Online Auction & 38th Annual Exhibition

During our members’ informal chat at Zoom meeting on Sunday 24 January 2021, we have some fruitful discussions and valuable inputs from participating members. We will implement the following for future WAA! Online Auctions and the coming Annual Exhibition:-

WAA! Online Auction

  1. The reason there are still many members and collectors who did not participate in the online auction could be due to the low starting price.
  2. In order to attract more members and collectors’ participation we will alternate the online auctions into one with starting price not more than RM2,000 (affordable) and one with starting price above RM2,000 (no upper limit).
  3. The frequency of the online auctions remains at one week on and one week off.
  4. We shall inform members and collectors beforehand whether the auction is below or above RM2,000.
  5. Members are encouraged to prompt (via WhatsApp, private message or email) their friends who are collecting paintings to visit the auction.

38th Annual Exhibition (Monochrome)

  1. At this juncture it is unclear whether we can still have the physical exhibition in April but we will carry on as planned. If no physical exhibition is possible, we will turn it into online exhibition.
  2. Theme, size, number of entry, submission date etc please refer to the Exhibition Rules.
  3. Participating members are encouraged to record their Monochrome works with photos or short videos (around 10 min each) and these will be uploaded on our Society’s FB Group during the exhibition.

(Compiled by Khoo Cheang Jin, President PWCS on 24.01.2021)

Notice: PWCS 38th Annual (Juried) Exhibition 2021

Dear members,

The Penang Water Colour Society will be holding its 38th Annual Art Exhibition in April 2020 with the theme Monochrome. This will be a Juried Exhibition with a prize award to the most outstanding work.

You may download the 38th Annual (Juried) Exhibition notice and form from the below links.

Download exhibition notice
Download exhibition form

WAA! Watercolour Art Auction

Dear Members,

We have set up a FB group called “WAA! by PWCS” to facilitate online auction of members’ works. The group is open to public but only PWCS members can share their watercolours for auction purpose. So please accept our invitation to become “WAA! by PWCS” members and also help to promote this group by inviting your artist friends, collectors, art lovers etc to become members of the group, overseas friends are also welcome.

Below are the Rules & Terms of the online auction, feel free to contact me (016-4540963) or Kiah Kiean (012-4940426) should you need further queries:

Rules & Terms
This platform serves as an online exhibition venue open for all to view and purchase artworks but only Penang Watercolour Society’s members are eligible to post their works.

Monthly Online Auction – The online auction will begin on Monday and end on Sunday 9pm during the first week of the month (Monday xx.xx.2020 to Sunday 9pm xx.xx.2020).
Kindly observe the following rules when posting artworks and bidding for artworks:

1) The artwork must be done in watercolour or predominantly with watercolour.

2) The artwork must be artist own creation.

3) Any subject matters are welcome except for topics on sensitive issues.

4) The Admin has the right to delete any post deem unsuitable.

5) All artworks must be for sale, the starting price should not be more than RM500.

6) Each member can post up to 5 paintings for each auction session, 1 painting per post.

7) Bidder can state the bidding price below the painting. Bidding price should start at the artist’s stated price and each bidding should increase by the multiple of RM50.

8) The last bidder at the closing time of 9pm will be the successful bidder. Artist is responsible to update his/her own posting with the word “Sold (name of bidder, price)” before the posting detail.

9) Painting not sold will be deleted from the post after the auction session (and not eligible for next auction). Only painting sold will remain in the group for record.

10) The bidding should be done using this platform and in the transparent manner. Any abandoned bid, secret dealing, painting not according to specified details etc are considered disruption to the auction, and may result in the expulsion of artist and bidder from the group.

11) Collection of money and delivery of painting to the succesful bidder is solely the responsibility of the artist. PWCS and the Admin are not responsible for any lost, damage to the painting and non-payment from the bidder.

12) Artist is to make a donation of 5% to PWCS for every painting sold, based on the final bidding price.

13) The posting should specify:

Online Auction #?
Size: (in cm)
Frame: (included or excluded)
Postage: (included or excluded)
Bidding Price: RM

Sample 1:
Online Auction #01
Artist: Ong Heng Huat
Title: Good Luck
Size: 28x38cm
Medium: Watercolour
Year: 2019
Frame: No frame
Postage: Postage included within Malaysia
Bidding Price: RM500

Sample 2:
Online Auction #01
Artist: Chin Chia Sui
Title: Flower
Size: 20x20cm
Medium: Ink & Watercolour
Year: 2020
Frame: Frame included
Postage: Not included
Bidding Price: RM400

14) PWCS and Admin will try their best to maintain this platform and find the best way to run any auction or exhibition. Rules may be revised from time to time to a better performance.

15) Artist participating in this online auction is deemed agreed to the Rules & Terms.

Thanks & Rgds,

Khoo Cheang Jin, President PWCS

2020 Membership Fees Waived

Dear members,

During the Committee Meeting held on 7 Oct 2020, the membership issue was discussed. The Committee Members unanimously agreed to waive 2020 membership fees due to the hardship some of the members face because of Covid19 Pandemic. For those members who have already paid their 2020 membership fees, the fees will be carried forward to 2021.

We wish all members do well and stay healthy during this difficult time.

Thanks & Rgds,

Khoo Cheang Jin, President PWCS

Notice: Amendments To Penang Water Colour Society’s Rules & Constitutions

Please take note of the following amendments to our Membership.

During our AGM on 16th March 2019 we have passed unanimously proposals to amend our constitution.

Our proposed amendments were approved by Registrar of Society in June 2019.

Amended Rules & Constitution commenced immediately with matters regarding membership to be implemented on 1st January 2020.

All ordinary members to pay an annual subscription of RM100.

If you have been a member for more than 5 years and are 65 years and above, you are considered an Honorary Member. Therefore you do not have to pay the subscription fee.

Non-Malaysian can now join us under Associate Members. Entrance fee shall be RM200 and Annual subscription is RM200 for Associate Members.

Members to pay annual subscription to PWCS via interbank transfer (CIMB Bank Berhad a/c no: 0730-000-1167-055) on January of each year and email your payment record to our Hon Treasurer:

Yours sincerely,

Lim Lee Kin
Hon. Secretary