Message: PWCS 36th Annual (Juried) Exhibition 2019

Dear Members,

Our next Annual Exhibition will fall in March 2019. According to Penang State Art Gallery Committee, there will be a review after each exhibition of the art societies, should the quality of the show not up to standard, they may refuse application for future exhibition. I think it is a good measure to ensure the quality of the show, as well as to make the artists strive for the best!

Our Committee has decided that the future exhibitions will be juried shows and a Grand Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding work. We have secured a sponsorship in terms of cash prize of RM3,000 each year for the next 5 years. We are also looking for other forms of sponsorship to add to the Grand Award at the moment.

After a lengthy discussion, the Committee has decided the theme for 2019 exhibition to be “Abstract Experiment”. I know this is not an easy theme, and in fact a very bold move for this theme. Most of us are comfortable with streetscape, landscape, flora and fauna, as well as still life paintings but not many of us have tried abstract. We have studied the risks of perhaps just a few members participating in this show, or perhaps the exhibition turns out to be a disaster and hence would be barred for future exhibition in the Penang State Art Gallery, yet we decided to give it a go. For the sake of art, we should not always sit in the comfort zone but explore the unthinkable. For the success of this exhibition, I urge you to give us your full supports, and make use of these 3 months to explore and experiment with abstract watercolour. I have confident you will make it, and we all will make it!

Khoo Cheang Jin
President, PWCS