Suggestion for WAA! Online Auction & 38th Annual Exhibition

During our members’ informal chat at Zoom meeting on Sunday 24 January 2021, we have some fruitful discussions and valuable inputs from participating members. We will implement the following for future WAA! Online Auctions and the coming Annual Exhibition:-

WAA! Online Auction

  1. The reason there are still many members and collectors who did not participate in the online auction could be due to the low starting price.
  2. In order to attract more members and collectors’ participation we will alternate the online auctions into one with starting price not more than RM2,000 (affordable) and one with starting price above RM2,000 (no upper limit).
  3. The frequency of the online auctions remains at one week on and one week off.
  4. We shall inform members and collectors beforehand whether the auction is below or above RM2,000.
  5. Members are encouraged to prompt (via WhatsApp, private message or email) their friends who are collecting paintings to visit the auction.

38th Annual Exhibition (Monochrome)

  1. At this juncture it is unclear whether we can still have the physical exhibition in April but we will carry on as planned. If no physical exhibition is possible, we will turn it into online exhibition.
  2. Theme, size, number of entry, submission date etc please refer to the Exhibition Rules.
  3. Participating members are encouraged to record their Monochrome works with photos or short videos (around 10 min each) and these will be uploaded on our Society’s FB Group during the exhibition.

(Compiled by Khoo Cheang Jin, President PWCS on 24.01.2021)

Notice: PWCS 38th Annual (Juried) Exhibition 2021

Dear members,

The Penang Water Colour Society will be holding its 38th Annual Art Exhibition in April 2020 with the theme Monochrome. This will be a Juried Exhibition with a prize award to the most outstanding work.

You may download the 38th Annual (Juried) Exhibition notice and form from the below links.

Download exhibition notice
Download exhibition form